Vast ReFill

Tom Pritchard Sound Design presents Vast for Reason 4 and above – a unique ReFill packed with 465 innovative and useful Combinator patches. These Combinators make the most of Thor’s modulation possibilities to create expressive, rich sounds that are full of movement. Every patch has been meticulously crafted to sound detailed and interesting whilst sitting comfortably in a useful frequency range, so you can easily drop any of these patches into a mix and get down to writing some great music without having to tweak them.

Vast contains 100 atmosphere¬†& FX patches, 42 bass patches, 58 keys and polysynths, 100 leads and monosynths, 100 pads and 65 sequencer based synths. The sequencer can be switched off at the push of a button for each of the sequenced synths, giving you an extra 65 mono and polysynths if you’d like to use your own sequences.

Click on the player below for audio demos, or download the demo ReFill to try out a selection of patches.

Vast is available to download now for £45.

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