ThorKit II ReFill

ThorKit II

ThorKit II for Reason 4 and above, the sequel to the popular ThorKit ReFill – 200 new Thor patches! ThorKit II contains 100 lush Chord patches, 50 evocative Polysynth patches, and 50 driving Sequence synths. Chord patches use Thor’s Step Sequencer to mimic Chord Memory, a function found on some synthesisers whereby pressing a note plays an entire chord, resulting in some huge sounds. You can deactivate the chord with Button 1 and use these as 100 deep Polysynths if you prefer.

Click on the player below for audio demos, or download the demo ReFill to try out a selection of patches. There are no external effects on these audio demos such as reverb or distortion, everything is pure Thor!

ThorKit II is available to download now for £15.

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