Pulsar Patches

Propellerhead have launched Reason 6.5, which introduces new devices to Reason in the form of Rack Extensions – including their own Pulsar LGM-1. Pulsar is a powerful modulation generator that can also function as a synth via the audio outputs for the oscillators. Pulsar comes with a collection of excellent Combinator patches, 25 of which are from Tom Pritchard Sound Design!

Here’s a list of Pulsar Combinators from Tom Pritchard Sound Design…


  • Autopan Filter
  • Decimator
  • Homemade Stereo Chorus
  • Stereocomb


  • Aggressive Lead
  • Bitter Lead
  • Formant Lead
  • Glitch Lead
  • Lush Analogue Lead
  • Scorched GameGear Lead
  • Sharp Sync Lead
  • Smooth Lead
  • Take The Lead


  • Analogue Moorlands
  • Apparitions In The Night
  • Crystal Grains
  • Glasstone
  • Glitched Emeralds
  • Gorgeous Pluck
  • Grain Winds
  • Layered Sublime
  • Lovely Fifth
  • Shifter
  • Subtractophone
  • Triangular Bubbles
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