Parsec and Tres RE

Parsec RE

Propellerhead and FXpansion have released Parsec RE and Tres RE respectively, both with loads of TPSD patches included in their factory sound banks.

PX7 Patches

Propellerhead Software has released the PX7 Rack Extension, an FM synthesiser inspired by the Yamaha DX7. Included are some massive TPSD Combinators – Ambient Ocean Key, Aurora, Boards of Canapad, Electro Bass, House Stab, Inertia Arp, Lovely Lush Pad, Minimal Dub Chord, Otherworld Arp, Scorching Lead and Trance Arp.

Radical Keys Patches

Propellerhead Software has released Radical Keys, a vintage keyboard emulator based on physical modelling and samples. Radical Keys can emulate the Rhodes Mk1, the Wurlitzer and the Pianet-T, as well as create new permutations of those classic sounds. Radical Keys comes with a great selection of presets, including contributions from Tom Pritchard Sound Design!